Our SeeRem Solution

The SeeRem app offers solutions for remote worksites, connecting your team quickly and intuitively.

The Project

Desktop and mobile interfaces of the SeeRem application.


Reaching workers at the worksites should be executed efficiently and reliably. When working in remote locations, how can this be done while simultaneously mitigating travel risks and saving valuable time, effort, and money?


SeeRem is a mobile and web application that is aimed towards companies in the energy, construction, agricultural, and government industries, developed to improve the productivity of the company by connecting staff to the work sites in a fast and convenient way. The application allows a company’s staff to have the ability to locate devices, classify users, and make connections through official channels that are approved by the company. SeeRem will empower companies with more efficient access to vital project information, safe and fast communication with team personnel, and access to remote cameras, allowing for site checks and project overseeing from afar. The application can be accessed on smart devices in different areas to allow staff to connect visually with the work sites.