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The SeeRem app offers solutions for remote worksites, connecting your team quickly and intuitively.

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About Seerem

About SeeRem

SeeRem is a mobile and web application that is aimed towards companies in the energy, construction, agricultural, and government industries, developed to improve the productivity of the company by connecting staff to the work sites in a fast and convenient way. The application allows a company’s staff to have the ability to locate devices, classify users, and make connections through official channels that are approved by the company. The SeeRem application further supports connections in a wide range of locations. Our SeeRem technology is designed to improve work sites visibility in an inexpensive and real-time manner. Get the application today to start your journey to better remote communication.


SeeRem will empower companies with more efficient access to vital project information, safe and fast communication with team personnel, and access to remote cameras, allowing for site checks and project overseeing from afar. The application can be accessed on smart devices in different areas to allow staff to connect visually with the work sites.

SeeRem Features
SeeRem Benefits


Project Management

SeeRem offers faster and more reliable connections with team members.

Company Records

Store records of critical company information on the SeeRem application.

Reduced Travel

Access to remote views of the worksite helps to lower travel expenses.

Remote Cameras

Observe active company worksites with SeeRem’s remote camera feature.

Trade Shows

While developing the SeeRem application, our team here at SEEDA has presented our technologies at several major conferences, alongside some of the industry's most influential and innovative brands. Keep up with us and any future events we may attend @seeremotely.

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CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, is the Global Stage for Innovation.

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PDAC is the World's Premier Mineral Exploration & Mining Convention.


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